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Expires after: 2 Years
  • Basic Plan +
  • 📰 Skillsun Talent Assessment (STA)*
  • Custom resume writing
  • 📌 LinkedIn profile improvement
*You will receive "STA Certificate"
Courses included: 1

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Expires after: 1 Year
  • Essential Plan +
  • 🛤️ Pro Skillsun Talent Assessment (STA)*
  • 🚀 Automated Job Application
  • Custom resume writing
  • 📌 LinkedIn profile improvement
*You will receive "STA Certificate"
Courses included: 3

Basic Plan


  • 📊 Full Resume Assessment
  • 🌐 or LinkedIn Profile check
  • 🚀 Full Report and Solutions

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When it comes to onboarding support, we’ve got you covered. We understand the importance of a smooth and hassle-free start, and that’s why we offer comprehensive onboarding assistance to ensure you make the most of your experience with Skillsun. Our onboarding support includes step-by-step guidance, tutorials, and resources that walk you through every aspect of using our platform. Whether you’re new to career advancement tools or tech-savvy, our user-friendly onboarding process is designed to help you get up to speed quickly and confidently. If you’re curious about the specifics of our onboarding support, head over to the “Onboarding” section on our website for all the details you need.

On our website, you can find information about how payments are processed through Skillsun. We prioritize convenience, security, and transparency in handling financial transactions. Our payment process is designed to ensure a seamless experience for our users. If you’re looking for details on how payments are processed, please refer to the “Payments” section on our website for a comprehensive guide on the steps, methods, and security measures involved in handling payments through our platform.

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